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Voodoo app for shopify

Introducing: Voodoo’s 3D Print On Demand App for Shopify

October 10th, 2018 by

Voodoo app for shopify

Voodoo: The Only Shopify App That Lets Anyone 3D Print On Demand

Today the team at Voodoo is proud to announce the launch of our first-of-its-kind 3D print on demand app for Shopify. The Voodoo app allows Shopify merchants to create and customize items from our ever-expanding catalog of 3D printed products, and immediately list them for sale in their store.

The best part? No 3D skills necessary.

Since opening our doors in 2015, our goal has been to empower individuals and businesses to invent and deliver products without the obstacles that traditional manufacturing can pose. The arrival of the Voodoo app takes that mission one step further by removing the need for 3D design skills — a major barrier to entry that has prevented many entrepreneurs from using 3D printing as a manufacturing method up until now.

3D print on demand products

Create and Sell Unique 3D Printed Products On Shopify in Under 5 Minutes

So, just how easy is it to create 3D printed products with the Voodoo app?

From start to finish, Shopify merchants can install the Voodoo app, create their first product, and start selling to customers in well under five minutes.

Once they add the Voodoo app to their store, merchants can choose a base product from our catalog to customize and sell. Launching the product customizer lets them instantly incorporate shapes, text, and custom images into their unique 3D printed product of choice.

At last, 3D design is fast, easy, and accessible.

Voodoo app for Shopify

The Voodoo app allows Shopify merchants to convert their own images into unique cookie cutter bundles, coaster sets, decorative wall hooks, and more — and immediately list them for sale.

The Voodoo app also seamlessly generates mockups of the customized products, letting merchants bring their unique product to market faster than ever — with no need to wait around for product samples, coordinate product photo shoots, or even open Photoshop before they can start selling.

Voodoo's product mockup generator

Sellers can add these generated product images to the item listing and adjust their profit margin from right within the app. Once they publish the product, it’s automatically pushed to their Shopify store.

When a customer purchases a Voodoo product, the app sends the order through to our factory where the item is manufactured in just two days, and dropshipped right to the end customer.  

Here’s a summary of how it works:


How the Voodoo App works


So, What Can Shopify Merchants Sell With Voodoo?

The first customizable base products available through the Voodoo app include cookie cutters, drink coasters, decorative wall hooks, dishes, and more. 

Customizable Voodoo Products

Typically, this kind of on-demand product customization is limited to basic apparel categories like shirts, hats, and other fabric-based items. Even though sellers can add their own graphic customizations to these items, they are ultimately selling the same core products as each other with minimal room to innovate.

Applying the infinite possibilities of 3D printing to the print on demand business model, on the other hand, allows merchants to enter into new product categories that offer more design flexibility, allowing them to differentiate themselves from their competition.

3D printed coasters

Examples of custom coaster sets made with the Voodoo app

With the Voodoo app, it’s possible to sell memorable products that have never existed before.

Why Sell 3D Printed Products With the Voodoo App?

According to some early adopters, the Voodoo app is the 3D printing and product sourcing solution they’ve been waiting for.

It’s The Island Life, started by graphic designer and Guam native Lucy Hutcheson, is already selling nine different products created with the Voodoo app.

“My ecommerce niche is a tiny little island U.S. territory called Guam, so it’s really hard finding existing products for this niche. Being able to create our own Guam products through the Voodoo app has been monumental to our island community around the world.” said Hutcheson.

Other Shopify merchants point out that the Voodoo app was the surprisingly simple and affordable push they needed to take the plunge into 3D printing.

The Voodoo app even enabled aspiring online merchant Kristin Wardian to launch her Shopify store, Zulu Rosa. She says, “I was very excited when I heard about this app and even created a Shopify store just so I could use it. I had been looking for a unique print on demand service, and 3D printed products definitely fit the bill. I’ve never designed anything for 3D printing before and the instructions were surprisingly easy to follow.”

Arianna O’Dell, proprietor of popular gift store Ideas By Arianna says, “I’ve always wanted to 3D print products, but it always seemed so confusing and expensive. Voodoo made it very easy to take my designs and turn them into unique 3D printed products. Super simple — I just uploaded an SVG file and watched it transform into a cookie cutter. For the print on demand space, this is a game changer.”

Get Started Today

Ready to add Voodoo to your Shopify store? Visit our page in the Shopify app store to install Voodoo today.

For more information on Voodoo products, head over to fulfilledbyvoodoo.com