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3D printed marble busts

Marble PLA is Available NOW for the Month of September

August 15th, 2018 by

marble 3D prints

From now through the end of September, Marble PLA is available through Direct Print, Volume Print, and Fulfilled By Voodoo.


Make Your Masterpiece

What does this stunning innovation in 3D printing filament bring to the table? With our limited edition Marble PLA, you get the same properties as our other PLA colors, with the added bonus of barely-there print lines. This material looks like a million bucks.

marble 3d printing material

That’s right, the end result is a part that looks less like it was 3D printed and more like it was carved out of stone.

It’s perfect for sculptures and busts…

3D printed marble busts

And lends itself nicely to less serious things, like decorative fallen ice cream cones.

3D printed marble examples

You can even use it as a cheaper alternative to real marble for home decor and housewares.

3D printed marble filament housewares

So why not get in touch with your inner sculptor and make the most of this material?

Whether you decide to print an awesome trophysmart housewares, or elevated decorations for your next event, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.  


Remember to tag us and use #MadeWithVoodoo to share your masterpiece with the world — we can’t wait to see how you put this material to use.