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3D Printing Education Program

Students Get 15% Off All 3D Prints at Voodoo Manufacturing

September 12th, 2018 by

Students Get 15% Off All 3D Prints

Got a 3D printing project on your syllabus this year? Voodoo Manufacturing is excited to announce a brand new student 3D printing discount program. Sign up for an account with Voodoo Manufacturing with your .edu email address, and get 15% of all your 3D prints for life.


We know student life can be hard — let’s make it easy.

Let us 3D print, quality assure, and deliver your parts while you crush the rest of your classes.

Here’s How to Unlock Your Student Discount on All 3D Prints

1. Sign Up

Sign up for an account with your .edu email address. When you do, a student 3D printing discount of 15% will automatically be applied to all of your 3D printing orders.

Note: Already have a Voodoo account associated with your student email address? Great! You’re ahead of the curve — the student discount is officially active on your account.

2. Upload

Upload your 3D models. Choose materials, colors, and quantities for your order to get a real-time quote before you check out.

3. Choose Your Production Speed

Never miss an assignment or deadline again. Choose the production speed for your order to get your parts in time for when you need them.

4. File Optimization

After you place your order, we’ll check and optimize your file for 3D printing. Our team has tested every print setting, so you don’t have to. High quality printing has never been so easy.

5. Your Project on a Silver Platter

We deliver your parts right to you, wherever you are. Did we mention shipping is free on all orders $50 and over?

Refer Your Friends

Share Voodoo With Your Classmates. Earn $10.

With our referral program, you can rev up your savings even more by telling your friends.

Every person you refer gets $10 of credit after signing up, and you get $10 when they place their first order.


So, why not make the absolute most of this academic year? Click here to sign up for your student account. And don’t forget to share the wealth with your classmates!