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Voodoo app for shopify

Introducing: Voodoo’s 3D Print On Demand App for Shopify

October 10th, 2018 by

Voodoo app for shopify

Voodoo: The Only Shopify App That Lets Anyone 3D Print On Demand

Today the team at Voodoo is proud to announce the launch of our first-of-its-kind 3D print on demand app for Shopify. The Voodoo app allows Shopify merchants to create and customize items from our ever-expanding catalog of 3D printed products, and immediately list them for sale in their store.

The best part? No 3D skills necessary.

Since opening our doors in 2015, our goal has been to empower individuals and businesses to invent and deliver products without the obstacles that traditional manufacturing can pose. The arrival of the Voodoo app takes that mission one step further by removing the need for 3D design skills — a major barrier to entry that has prevented many entrepreneurs from using 3D printing as a manufacturing method up until now.

3D print on demand products

Create and Sell Unique 3D Printed Products On Shopify in Under 5 Minutes

So, just how easy is it to create 3D printed products with the Voodoo app?

From start to finish, Shopify merchants can install the Voodoo app, create their first product, and start selling to customers in well under five minutes.

Once they add the Voodoo app to their store, merchants can choose a base product from our catalog to customize and sell. Launching the product customizer lets them instantly incorporate shapes, text, and custom images into their unique 3D printed product of choice.

At last, 3D design is fast, easy, and accessible.

Voodoo app for Shopify

The Voodoo app allows Shopify merchants to convert their own images into unique cookie cutter bundles, coaster sets, decorative wall hooks, and more — and immediately list them for sale.

The Voodoo app also seamlessly generates mockups of the customized products, letting merchants bring their unique product to market faster than ever — with no need to wait around for product samples, coordinate product photo shoots, or even open Photoshop before they can start selling.

Voodoo's product mockup generator

Sellers can add these generated product images to the item listing and adjust their profit margin from right within the app. Once they publish the product, it’s automatically pushed to their Shopify store.

When a customer purchases a Voodoo product, the app sends the order through to our factory where the item is manufactured in just two days, and dropshipped right to the end customer.  

Here’s a summary of how it works:


How the Voodoo App works


So, What Can Shopify Merchants Sell With Voodoo?

The first customizable base products available through the Voodoo app include cookie cutters, drink coasters, decorative wall hooks, dishes, and more. 

Customizable Voodoo Products

Typically, this kind of on-demand product customization is limited to basic apparel categories like shirts, hats, and other fabric-based items. Even though sellers can add their own graphic customizations to these items, they are ultimately selling the same core products as each other with minimal room to innovate.

Applying the infinite possibilities of 3D printing to the print on demand business model, on the other hand, allows merchants to enter into new product categories that offer more design flexibility, allowing them to differentiate themselves from their competition.

3D printed coasters

Examples of custom coaster sets made with the Voodoo app

With the Voodoo app, it’s possible to sell memorable products that have never existed before.

Why Sell 3D Printed Products With the Voodoo App?

According to some early adopters, the Voodoo app is the 3D printing and product sourcing solution they’ve been waiting for.

It’s The Island Life, started by graphic designer and Guam native Lucy Hutcheson, is already selling nine different products created with the Voodoo app.

“My ecommerce niche is a tiny little island U.S. territory called Guam, so it’s really hard finding existing products for this niche. Being able to create our own Guam products through the Voodoo app has been monumental to our island community around the world.” said Hutcheson.

Other Shopify merchants point out that the Voodoo app was the surprisingly simple and affordable push they needed to take the plunge into 3D printing.

The Voodoo app even enabled aspiring online merchant Kristin Wardian to launch her Shopify store, Zulu Rosa. She says, “I was very excited when I heard about this app and even created a Shopify store just so I could use it. I had been looking for a unique print on demand service, and 3D printed products definitely fit the bill. I’ve never designed anything for 3D printing before and the instructions were surprisingly easy to follow.”

Arianna O’Dell, proprietor of popular gift store Ideas By Arianna says, “I’ve always wanted to 3D print products, but it always seemed so confusing and expensive. Voodoo made it very easy to take my designs and turn them into unique 3D printed products. Super simple — I just uploaded an SVG file and watched it transform into a cookie cutter. For the print on demand space, this is a game changer.”

Get Started Today

Ready to add Voodoo to your Shopify store? Visit our page in the Shopify app store to install Voodoo today.

For more information on Voodoo products, head over to

3D Printing Education Program

Students Get 15% Off All 3D Prints at Voodoo Manufacturing

September 12th, 2018 by

Students Get 15% Off All 3D Prints

Got a 3D printing project on your syllabus this year? Voodoo Manufacturing is excited to announce a brand new student 3D printing discount program. Sign up for an account with Voodoo Manufacturing with your .edu email address, and get 15% of all your 3D prints for life.


We know student life can be hard — let’s make it easy.

Let us 3D print, quality assure, and deliver your parts while you crush the rest of your classes.

Here’s How to Unlock Your Student Discount on All 3D Prints

1. Sign Up

Sign up for an account with your .edu email address. When you do, a student 3D printing discount of 15% will automatically be applied to all of your 3D printing orders.

Note: Already have a Voodoo account associated with your student email address? Great! You’re ahead of the curve — the student discount is officially active on your account.

2. Upload

Upload your 3D models. Choose materials, colors, and quantities for your order to get a real-time quote before you check out.

3. Choose Your Production Speed

Never miss an assignment or deadline again. Choose the production speed for your order to get your parts in time for when you need them.

4. File Optimization

After you place your order, we’ll check and optimize your file for 3D printing. Our team has tested every print setting, so you don’t have to. High quality printing has never been so easy.

5. Your Project on a Silver Platter

We deliver your parts right to you, wherever you are. Did we mention shipping is free on all orders $50 and over?

Refer Your Friends

Share Voodoo With Your Classmates. Earn $10.

With our referral program, you can rev up your savings even more by telling your friends.

Every person you refer gets $10 of credit after signing up, and you get $10 when they place their first order.


So, why not make the absolute most of this academic year? Click here to sign up for your student account. And don’t forget to share the wealth with your classmates!


3D printed marble busts

Marble PLA is Available NOW for the Month of September

August 15th, 2018 by

marble 3D prints

From now through the end of September, Marble PLA is available through Direct Print, Volume Print, and Fulfilled By Voodoo.


Make Your Masterpiece

What does this stunning innovation in 3D printing filament bring to the table? With our limited edition Marble PLA, you get the same properties as our other PLA colors, with the added bonus of barely-there print lines. This material looks like a million bucks.

marble 3d printing material

That’s right, the end result is a part that looks less like it was 3D printed and more like it was carved out of stone.

It’s perfect for sculptures and busts…

3D printed marble busts

And lends itself nicely to less serious things, like decorative fallen ice cream cones.

3D printed marble examples

You can even use it as a cheaper alternative to real marble for home decor and housewares.

3D printed marble filament housewares

So why not get in touch with your inner sculptor and make the most of this material?

Whether you decide to print an awesome trophysmart housewares, or elevated decorations for your next event, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.  


Remember to tag us and use #MadeWithVoodoo to share your masterpiece with the world — we can’t wait to see how you put this material to use.  

Advanced Print Settings

This Just In: Self-Serve Advanced Print Settings

July 9th, 2018 by

Advanced Print Settings

Introducing Direct Print ‘Advanced Print Settings’

At Voodoo, we understand that the wide range of 3D printing projects we produce comes with an equally wide range of unique functional and aesthetic requirements. With that in mind, we’re excited to introduce the ability to choose advanced print settings for any model ordered through Direct Print.

Effective today, we have three different advanced settings available for our Direct Print users. You can now control the Layer Height (visible surface striations), Infill (density of internal space), and Shells (number of the walls enclosing the geometry) for all standard size models ordered from within the Direct Print order flow.

Keep in mind that tweaking these settings is likely to impact material usage and print speed for any given 3D model, so these models will be priced differently than models processed with our tried and true standard settings.

Note: If you’ve been recording your advanced print settings in the Notes section of your order, you can now specify these from within the Direct Print order flow.  

Try out our new advanced settings now. To discuss your project requirements, call sales at (929) 244-0915.

You can access this powerful new toolkit, click “+Advanced Settings” below your model file.

navigating to advanced settings

Advanced Settings Cheat Sheet

If you’re looking for fast facts, this advanced settings cheat sheet outlines some key principles for choosing the right settings. Read on for additional details.

  • If you’re printing a prototype and surface quality isn’t a priority, you might want to use Coarse (0.3mm) Layer Height ($).
  • If you’re printing a highly detailed model and wanted the surface quality to be as good as possible, you might want to choose Fine (0.1mm) Layer Height ($$$).
  • If the weight of your part doesn’t matter, consider opting for our Standard (10%) Infill ($).
  • If you want your part to be heavy (like a desk weight), you might consider choosing Half (50%) or Super (80%) Infill ($$$).
  • If your model is small or high detail, you might consider improving the surface quality by choosing Thin (1) Shell ($).
  • If your model needs to withstand surface impact, you might consider improving wall strength with Thick (3) Shells ($$$).

What is Layer Height?

Layer Height

Layer Height refers to the height of each layer that’s printed on the build plate, which in aggregate make up your print. Think about it like this: the thinner the Layer Height, the higher the part resolution.

Our standard Layer Height for Direct Print orders is 0.2mm for standard size printing and 0.3mm for Large-Format printing. Right now, advanced settings are available for standard size printing only.

Layer Height Advanced Settings

layer height settings

For standard size prints, users can customize their Layer Height settings in the Direct print order flow. The higher the number, the coarser the print and the more visible the layer lines are. Parts printed at a higher resolution (.1mm Layer Height) tend to be more expensive.

The available options are:

  • Fine (.1mm)
  • Standard (.2mm)
  • Coarse (.3mm)

What is Infill?

Infill Advanced Settings

Infill refers to the density of the internal space within your 3D printed object. All 3D prints have continuous walls that create the outer contour of the shape, and those exterior walls can be filled with varying percentages of support, or Infill. Infill can technically go all the way up to 100%, which would signify a completely solid (and costly) object, but we don’t print Infills any higher than 80%.

Our standard Infill in Direct Print orders is 10% for standard size printing and 10% for Large-Format printing. Right now, advanced settings are available for standard size printing only.

Infill Advanced Settings

Infill Advanced Settings

For standard size prints, users can customize their Infill settings in our Direct print order flow. The higher the number, the stronger the internal structure of the part. A higher Infill also means longer print time, more material used during the printing process, and a pricier print overall.

The available options are:

  • Standard (10%)
  • Extra (20%)
  • Half (50%)
  • Super (80%)

What are Shells?

Advanced Settings Shells

Shells refer to the wall(s) enclosing the 3D geometry of your object. The more shells you select, the more walls (and thicker the exterior) your object will have.

Our standard Shells setting for Direct Print orders is 2 Shells (0.4mm per shell) for standard size printing and 2 Shells for (0.4mm per shell) for Large-Format printing. Right now, advanced settings are available for standard size printing only.

Shells Advanced Settings

Shells Advanced SettingsFor standard size prints, users can customize their Shells settings in our Direct print order flow. The higher the number, the stronger the outer walls of the object will be. A higher number of Shells also means longer print time, and more material used during the printing process.

The available options are:

  • Thin (1 shell)
  • Standard (2 shells)
  • Thick (3 shells)

Try out our new advanced settings now.

To discuss project requirements, call sales at (929) 244-0915.

Meet Our Newest Engineering Materials: PET-G + Rigid TPU

May 31st, 2018 by

engineering materials characteristics

Today, the team at Voodoo is excited to announce the addition of two new engineering thermoplastics, PET-G and Rigid TPU, to better serve the functional requirements of mechanical projects and end-use products made with Voodoo. This new material capability is the next step in helping our customers bring their biggest ideas to life and grow healthy businesses using 3D printing.

So, what’s special about these new materials? For starters, PET-G’s chemical and temperature resistance make it useful for mechanical parts as well as food and medical applications, and Rigid TPU is suitable for parts with constant wear and impact, including braces, fasteners, washers, and products such as phone cases.

Effective today, customers can access these powerful new materials through our Direct Print service, Volume Print service, and even start integrating them into their ready-to-sell products with Fulfilled By Voodoo. Read on for an in depth look at their characteristics and use cases.

new materials samples

Curious about PET-G and Rigid TPU? We’re sending out these squiggly test prints in every Direct Print order through July 1st.

Get started printing in PET-G and Rigid TPU now

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Fulfilled by Voodoo

Introducing: Fulfilled by Voodoo

April 5th, 2018 by

Fulfilled by Voodoo

Fulfilled By Voodoo: Plug-n-Play Manufacturing & Fulfillment for Online Product Stores

Ever since we started Voodoo Manufacturing, we’ve been excited to build a service that allows anyone to manufacture products and start businesses. Our goal has always been to empower people to invent, design, and deliver products without the tall barriers that manufacturing typically creates. That’s why today we’re incredibly excited to announce a new service that marks a major step in this direction: Fulfilled by Voodoo.

Fulfilled by Voodoo, or “FBV” for short, is a full-stack manufacturing and fulfillment service that makes it easier than ever to start and scale any business selling 3D printed products online. With FBV, you can link your e-commerce storefronts directly to our factory and outsource the 3D printing, quality control, assembly, packaging, and shipping of your products. Every time you receive an order from a customer it’s automatically routed to our factory, where it’s manufactured on-demand and then drop-shipped directly back to your customer.

Overcoming Modern Manufacturing’s Biggest Obstacles

For anyone who’s ever designed and sold a physical product, they’ve learned how difficult it can be to set up a reliable, scalable, and affordable manufacturing pipeline. For many people this is an insurmountable hurdle that they fail to overcome. At Voodoo, we believe manufacturing isn’t the essence of a product – it’s a means to an end. Just as technology isn’t important for its own sake, but rather because of what it does for you, manufacturing is important because of the product it enables you to make. For how amazing modern manufacturing is, there are still so many examples of people failing to successfully manufacture a product. Or, even worse, people who never even start on their journey to bring a product to market. This happens for many reasons – from high upfront costs, to long lead times, to complicated design-for-manufacturing requirements – but at the core of this lies the fact that manufacturing is still a largely difficult, painful, and treacherous process.

Fulfilled by Voodoo Integrations

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BIG Announcement: Introducing Our Large-Format 3D Printing Service

February 20th, 2018 by

large format 3D printing build volume

Today we’re excited to announce a new capability for our customers: Large-Format 3D Printing. How large are we talking?

You can now print single parts up to 11.8 x 11.8 x 23.8 inches (300 x 300 x 605 millimeters). At launch, we’ll offer large-format parts in PLA with 5-day turnaround for production. Over time, as we scale up the service, we’ll offer faster production speed options.

To give some context, we previously required single-part prints to be smaller than 11 x 6 x 6 inches (285 x 153 x 155 millimeters). This means that Large Format 3D Printing offers nearly 8 times our previous max build volume for a single print.

What does this mean for designers and fabricators of all things even BIGGER?

  • Projects with dimensions in excess of 11.8 x 11.8 x 23.8 inches can now be printed in fewer large parts, rather than many small parts
  • With fewer parts, large scale projects are now easier to assemble after printing
  • Fewer parts means fewer (visible) seams
  • Reducing seams means increased overall part strength and higher visual quality

Now it’s easier than ever to produce parts that might have been impossible to make, or would have required difficult and time consuming assembly. We think the new capability will allow our customers to bring new, bigger ideas and products to market faster, and with higher quality.

large scale 3d printing projects
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A Look Inside the Voodoo Manufacturing Makeover

January 29th, 2018 by

The Need for a Fresh Look

One of our challenges as a company has always been communicating exactly what we do to the wide range of customers we work with. As we’ve grown and added new types of customers, including advertising and event agencies, media companies, and most recently FBV-powered entrepreneurs, we felt a need for a new visual identity to accurately represent our offerings. If you walk into our factory it’s easy to get a sense of who we are, but we knew that our website should stand alone in depicting what we do.

Our Mission

At Voodoo Manufacturing, our mission is to give everyone on earth the power to manufacture. We believe in a future where products are made only when needed, closer to where they’re needed, and are designed specifically for their intended customers. More literally, Voodoo is a 3D printing factory where we can manufacture thousands of plastic parts on-demand for a variety of applications.

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Get $10 in Free 3D Printing with Our New Referral Program

September 28th, 2017 by

$10 in 3D Printing Credit!

We’re excited to announce the Voodoo Manufacturing Referral Program, a new way for you to earn free 3D printing by sharing Voodoo with friends, family, and colleagues. Anyone who signs up using your unique referral link will get $10 in free 3D printing, and you’ll automatically receive $10 in credit when they place their first order. Best of all, there’s no limit on how much free 3D printing you can earn through the program. Continue reading

Summer Sale: 50% Off All Direct Print Orders with 3-Day Production

August 1st, 2017 by

Voodoo Manufacturing Summer Sale 2017

Today we’re kicking off the Voodoo Summer Sale, a massive savings event for anyone using our Direct Print service during the entire month of August. Exactly how massive are we talking? Well, we’re slashing the price on all Direct Print orders in half – that’s right, 50% off your entire order – for customers who choose our newly introduced 3-Day Production option. This means that if you can wait two extra days to receive your parts, you’ll be getting them for half price during the month of August.

Voodoo Manufacturing Summer Sale

Eager to start taking advantage of this new Summer Sale pricing now? We don’t blame you – go ahead and upload a file to get started. Make sure to select ‘3-Day Production’ to apply the discount to your order.

For those of you still scratching your heads and wondering how this epic sale is even possible, read on to learn more about what led to the first-ever Voodoo Summer Sale. Continue reading