Meet Our Newest Engineering Materials: PET-G + Rigid TPU

May 31st, 2018 by

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Today, the team at Voodoo is excited to announce the addition of two new engineering thermoplastics, PET-G and Rigid TPU, to better serve the functional requirements of mechanical projects and end-use products made with Voodoo. This new material capability is the next step in helping our customers bring their biggest ideas to life and grow healthy businesses using 3D printing.

So, what’s special about these new materials? For starters, PET-G’s chemical and temperature resistance make it useful for mechanical parts as well as food and medical applications, and Rigid TPU is suitable for parts with constant wear and impact, including braces, fasteners, washers, and products such as phone cases.

Effective today, customers can access these powerful new materials through our Direct Print service, Volume Print service, and even start integrating them into their ready-to-sell products with Fulfilled By Voodoo. Read on for an in depth look at their characteristics and use cases.

new materials samples

Curious about PET-G and Rigid TPU? We’re sending out these squiggly test prints in every Direct Print order through July 1st.

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Get to Know PET-G

PET-G thermoplastic

Although very similar to ABS, PET-G offers a more durable, flexible, food safe, and chemical resistant alternative. If you’ve ever considered ABS for an engineering project, PET-G will be up your alley.

This handy plastic is a great choice for mechanical parts that require considerable strength and durability. Because of its chemical resistant properties, PET-G is also great for projects that are exposed to constant moisture like planters, birdhouses, and other outdoor projects.

PET-G is available now in Black,White, and Cool Gray. Custom colors are available upon request.

Some key applications for our new PET-G material include functional hardware like hinges, robot parts, plant pots, and outdoor and garden tools.

PET-G hinge

What is PET-G?

Chances are, you’re probably quite familiar with the key chemical components of PET-G. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is the most commonly used plastic on earth, and PET-G is simply the “glycol-modified” version of this popular plastic.

PET-G is also a thermoplastic copolyester. Simply put, this means it has many characteristics of a polyester ― for example, it can be dyed easily, and manufactured in a variety of colors. On top of all that, it’s also recyclable.

Read more about PET-G here.

Want to give it a go? This planter or robotic hand would make great test projects for PET-G.

Get to Know Rigid TPU

rigid TPU

Our new Rigid TPU is best described as a really, really hard rubber ― harder than a skateboard wheel, but not as hard as a hard hat. As such, it’s super impact resistant, abrasion resistant, and slightly flexible. It’s also chemical resistant to a variety of substances, including naptha, ASTM Oils #1-3, petroleum, and freon, making it useful in a range of mechanical applications ― and other general projects involving constant wear, impact, and exposure to chemicals.

Rigid TPU is available now in Black and White. Custom colors are available upon request.

Some key applications of this versatile plastic include braces and fasteners, gears and wheels, replacement washers, and protective covers like smart phone cases.

Rigid TPU phone case

What is Rigid TPU?

Our Rigid TPU material is a high durometer thermoplastic polyurethane. To learn more about the material, check out the complete tech specs from the manufacturer.

Want to give it a go? These skateboard wheels would make a great test project for Rigid TPU.

How are PET-G and Rigid TPU 3D Printed?

At Voodoo, we print PET-G and Rigid TPU using the same fused deposition modeling (FDM) processes we use for our PLA and TPU materials. Visit our site to learn more about our printing and fulfillment services.

Technical Comparisons Chart

Technical Comparisons Chart


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