3d printed custom promo products

14 Ways to Drive Engagement with Custom 3D Printed Promotional Products

April 17th, 2018 by

3d printed custom promo products

If you’ve ever searched for fresh, unique, or useful promotional products to giveaway at an event, you’ve probably seen plenty of 2D corporate logos printed on t-shirts and pens. Maybe you’ve considered that your target audience has already seen plenty of these, too. Maybe the irony of boilerplate “custom” products isn’t lost on you — maybe you’re ready to make a lasting impression at your next event with hyper-custom 3D swag.

Everything we make at Voodoo Manufacturing is 100% unique, which means 100% never-before-seen. With a Voodoo-made product, you’re guaranteed to leave an authentic, lasting impression of your brand, service, or event. But don’t just take our word for it – according to a study by BPMA and PPAI:

  • 87% of people hold onto promotional products for longer than one year.
  • 79% of promo product recipients are likely to do business with the advertised brand again.
  • Giving away promo items is six times more effective in generating referrals than other marketing methods.

With that in mind, allow us to introduce your new favorite (but not even slightly real) music brand, Elephant Entertainment. We’ve created a myriad of promo products for this fake company to serve as inspiration for your own very real brand. We invite you to put yourself in Elephant Entertainment’s shoes and imagine even more exciting possibilities for your own brand or events.

Below are 14 simple yet impactful ideas that serve as project templates, or jumping off points, to start 3D printing unique custom promotional products for your next corporate event.

1. Company Mascot Keychains

With custom names, graphics, and color combinations available, 3D printed company mascot keychains are a great way to make an impression. From $1-$3.

From $1-3

2. Unforgettable Business Card Holders

A head-turning business card holder like this one does double duty as a conversation starter. From $5-$15.

From $5-$15

3. Custom Tap Handles

Whether it’s a keg full of cold brew or craft beer, it tastes that much better with a custom mascot tap handle. From $25-$50.

From $25-$50

4. 3D Phone Cases

Smart phone cases are the perfect form factor to explore infinite variations of your brand’s logo and wordmark. From $10-$15.

From $10-$15

5. Geometric Succulent Planters

Promote your brand on one of the many facets of a customizable succulent planter. From $5-$10.

From $5-$10

6. 3D Printed Bottle Openers

A kitchen can never have enough bottle openers. Thankfully, 3D printing makes it easy to create endless varieties of flat or 3D mascot bottle openers. From $3-$8.

From $3-$8

7. Wine Bottle Accessories

Wine bottle charms are a great way to stay top of mind at what might be the highest traffic location at any event. From $1-$3.

From $1-$3

8. Desktop Phone Stands

Practical, functional, and great for productivity, desktop phone stands are a fresh way to put your brand on display. From $10-$20.

From $10-$20

9. Mascot Pen Toppers

Hit ’em in the feels with nostalgic mascot pen toppers. From $1-$3.

From $1-$3

10. Adorable USB Sticks

Custom USB sticks are compelling in their own right, but they’re an even bigger driver of engagement when they’re pre-loaded with branded content and collateral. From $3-$5.

From $3-$5

11. Custom Bookmarks and Paperclips

Whether you’re looking to bundle event materials with a custom paperclip, or highlight the most important page of all, a 3D printed clip is the way to go. From $1-$5.

From $1-$5

12. 3D Logo Magnets

3D logo magnets can take any form you can imagine, but we’re particularly taken with this elephant mascot version. From $3-$5.

From $3-$5

13.  Hyper-Custom Key Hooks

Functional decor like custom key hooks are a surefire way to keep your brand top of mind. From $5-$10

From $5-$10

14. Event-Specific Gyro Coins

Not only are gyro coins fun to fiddle with, but with six customizable surfaces on each coin, they’re the perfect shape to host custom graphics, messages, and contact info. From $2-$5.

From $2-$5

The above examples only scratch the surface of what’s possible when you team up with Voodoo. If you can dream it, the odds are high that we can make it just for you: custom, unique, and on-demand. Since 2015, we’ve helped over 2,000 customers from organizations of all sizes turn their ideas into 3D printed realities.

Whether you’ve dabbled in 3D design before or you have no idea where to begin, work with our experts to create the most original marketing swag you can imagine. Contact us to hear more stories of how we’ve helped brands entice, excite, and engage.

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