3D Printed Trophies for Atalanta

5 Jaw-Dropping 3D Printed Custom Trophies

March 14th, 2018 by

Bronx High School of Science 3D printed spinner trophy

Does your company recognize employees for their hard work with an annual awards ceremony? Or maybe you work at a school and need to order custom trophies for academic and athletic competitions? These days, your options are no longer limited to the standard metal trophies, wooden plaques, or lifeless paper certificates that have been around for ages. With 3D printing, you can embrace your creativity and design unexpected, totally custom trophies that truly could not be fabricated using traditional materials or manufacturing methods.

Check out this roundup of some of the most impressive custom trophies we’ve made here at Voodoo.

1. A Faux Metal Greek Goddess for Atalanta

3D Printed Trophies for Atalanta

When global food importer Atalanta needed help creating custom trophies to honor their top salespeople, they requested something that looked similar to an Emmy, but featured their namesake, the Greek goddess Atalanta.

Atalanta’s 2D graphic logo was the perfect jumping off point for creating a 3D printed trophy.

Whipping up a 3D design from scratch can be resource intensive, but Atalanta shaved time off of the project by providing some brand assets to use as a visual reference. Starting with their original 2D monochrome graphic, our 3D artists translated Atalanta’s logo into a dynamic 3D model. Then, they digitally sliced the model into multiple parts—two for the trophy base and six for the goddess figure. The final product was a unique, high-quality trophy with a smooth, faux metal surface.

2. Electroplated Trophies Fit for Hip Hop Royalty

VH1 Hip Hop Honors 3D Printed Trophy

VH1 reached out to us with only three weeks to go until the 2016 Hip Hop Honors, where they would present trophies to six Pioneering Women in Hip Hop: Queen Latifah, Missy Elliott, Salt-N-Pepa, DJ Spinderella, and Lil’ Kim.

We modified the design and 3D printed the trophies in just five days and then sent them off to be chromed. The chroming process involves hand-sanding each trophy, applying a few layers of primer, and then coating the 3D prints with a paper thin layer of reflective metal. The result was an impressively sturdy trophy that looked like solid metal, weighing in at over five pounds per VH1’s request.

3. A Friendly Robot for FIRST NYC

Custom High Detail 3D Printed Trophy

FIRST New York City, a nonprofit organization that inspires youth to pursue careers in STEM, asked for our help to design, print, and assemble trophies that would be awarded to outstanding members of their community. FIRST provided some initial reference images, which our design team translated into a 3D model featuring meticulous detail and a color-separated design.

We ended up with a friendly little robot that showcases an unexpected level of detail for a desktop 3D print, from the various colors to the texture adorning the robot’s eyes and limbs. Each trophy was personalized with the winners’ name and title – and has no doubt found a home as permanent feature on the recipients’ desks.

4. A Spinning Atom for The Bronx High School of Science

Bronx High School of Science 3D printed spinner trophy

The Bronx High School of Science is no stranger to innovative trophies. We previously collaborated with them to create New York skyline-inspired trophies for their debate team. Because that project was such a hit with students, the school reached out to us again to design and print trophies to honor their senior class members at graduation.

Voodoo’s design team translated The Bronx High School of Science logo into a memorable interactive trophy for the Class of 2017.

This time their inventive trophy idea was to express an intangible object, the school’s 2D atom logo, in 3D printed form. Our design team took the concept and ran with it, ultimately reimagining the atom as a six-layered spinner that functioned just like a gyro coin ― an epically oversized one. Appropriately, the trophies were presented to students in 2017 at the height of the fidget spinner craze.

5. Glow-in-the-Dark Trophies for Technical.ly Brooklyn

We’ve teamed up with Technical.ly Brooklyn for two years in a row to design and print trophies for their annual Technical.ly Brooklyn Awards, which honor Brooklyn-based tech startups in categories like Indie Video Game of the Year and Tech Mission Org of the year.

For the 2017 awards, we printed fifteen highly detailed trophies, all featuring a personalized nameplate, and an eye-catching (and semi-functional) light bulb made with glow-in-the-dark filament. One of our more detailed trophy projects to date, this sculptural and intricately color-separated design was made possible with 3D printing.

All of these projects take trophy design to the next level, demonstrating the versatility and ingenuity of digital manufacturing. Unlike traditional manufacturing, material, design concept, and timeframe are virtually no object with 3D printing, especially when working with our design experts at Voodoo. Whether you’re a corporate CEO gearing up for a major awards ceremony or the manager of a small team just looking to boost morale, feel free to contact us if you think Voodoo can help you create memorable custom trophies.

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