A Look Inside the Voodoo Manufacturing Makeover

January 29th, 2018 by

The Need for a Fresh Look

One of our challenges as a company has always been communicating exactly what we do to the wide range of customers we work with. As we’ve grown and added new types of customers, including advertising and event agencies, media companies, and most recently FBV-powered entrepreneurs, we felt a need for a new visual identity to accurately represent our offerings. If you walk into our factory it’s easy to get a sense of who we are, but we knew that our website should stand alone in depicting what we do.

Our Mission

At Voodoo Manufacturing, our mission is to give everyone on earth the power to manufacture. We believe in a future where products are made only when needed, closer to where they’re needed, and are designed specifically for their intended customers. More literally, Voodoo is a 3D printing factory where we can manufacture thousands of plastic parts on-demand for a variety of applications.

Gathering Ideas

It became clear to us that we needed a new look, so we kicked off in the same way we would any other project: a brainstorming session where no idea is a bad idea. We pulled together images, ideas, word and phrases that we connected with in order to answer some important questions: What are we? What do we offer? What have we accomplished? How do we want to represent ourselves?

Words like vibrant, accessible, custom, and innovative resonated with the team. Visually, we gravitated toward designs that were mechanical, yet simple and fun.

We found inspiration from other brands, from around our own factory, and even dusted off our art history books. In researching the Bauhaus movement, for example, we found that it represented a lot of our ideals: merging manufacturing with design, redefining the way things are made, and making design more accessible to the masses.

Introducing Primitives

Another cue we took from the Bauhaus movement is the concept of simple geometry serving as  the foundation of ideas. As a 3D printing company, we were able to print a large array of primitive shapes in a variety of colors.

Whenever we needed to illustrate a high-level concept, we were able to use primitives to illustrate the massive number of possible products we can manufacture. Primitives are also neutral, basic shapes; allowing customers to project their own ideas into the scene instead of feeling confined to the selection of examples we show.

Piecing it all Together

Once we had a better understanding of how we wanted to represent ourselves, it was time for our creative team to put the ideas into action. They got to work rebuilding our website with a new photography style, a new color scheme, and an emphasis on the clean aesthetic of simple geometries.

We’re proud of the work that went into developing our new look, and excited to share our website with you as a culmination of that work. Our hope is that it represents Voodoo as a company, shows how we’ve grown, and that it resonates with our customers, both old and new.

You can check out our new look here.

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