Summer Sale: 50% Off All Direct Print Orders with 3-Day Production

August 1st, 2017 by

Voodoo Manufacturing Summer Sale 2017

Today we’re kicking off the Voodoo Summer Sale, a massive savings event for anyone using our Direct Print service during the entire month of August. Exactly how massive are we talking? Well, we’re slashing the price on all Direct Print orders in half – that’s right, 50% off your entire order – for customers who choose our newly introduced 3-Day Production option. This means that if you can wait two extra days to receive your parts, you’ll be getting them for half price during the month of August.

Voodoo Manufacturing Summer Sale

Eager to start taking advantage of this new Summer Sale pricing now? We don’t blame you – go ahead and upload a file to get started. Make sure to select ‘3-Day Production’ to apply the discount to your order.

For those of you still scratching your heads and wondering how this epic sale is even possible, read on to learn more about what led to the first-ever Voodoo Summer Sale.

Reducing Costs with Robotics

It’s no secret that one of Voodoo’s primary goals is to make digital manufacturing cost-competitive with traditional manufacturing methods, namely injection molding. While our factory is already price competitive with injection molding for runs of up to 10,000 units, we know that in order to compete with traditional manufacturing we must offer the ability to scale beyond 10,000 units and still compete for price.

Earlier this year, we detailed some of the ways we intend to do just that: make our manufacturing method a more viable alternative to injection molding. One of the cornerstones of this plan is to effectively reduce our costs by about 90% over the next three to five years. This is by no means an easy feat, but it’s a challenge that we’ve been tackling head-on for the better part of this year.

Voodoo Manufacturing Robotic Automation

The first major step in achieving this ambitious goal was Project Skywalker, the introduction of robotic automation into a portion of our factory. Since integrating robotics into our factory to automate our most repetitive daily tasks, we’ve already achieved a partial cost reduction in our processes. We’ll be leveraging this internal technology and a new fulfillment flow (3-Day Production) in order to pass the cost savings along to our Direct Print customers throughout this Summer Sale.

While pricing will likely go back to normal once August wraps up, we like to think of this Summer Sale as a taste of what’s to come. We’ll still be continuing to work on our mission to make manufacturing as fast, easy, and affordable as possible.

Dropping Direct Print Pricing with 3-Day Production

So what does this all mean for existing Direct Print users? First, the service that you’ve been using now for two years won’t be changing. We’ll continue to offer our regular 1-Day Production for those of you who need to get your parts in your hands as soon as possible. For everyone else who can wait an extra two days to receive your printed parts, you’re in store for some hefty savings this month.

Our new 3-Day production flow is specifically optimized to produce parts with our most recent automation and robotics tools. The extra time also allows us to prioritize faster turn-around orders, while we test and troubleshoot our new system.

Voodoo Summer Sale 3-Day Production

Putting it in Perspective

Now let’s put the savings offered by our Summer Sale in perspective. Below we’ve compared pricing for 6 different parts across the leading service providers for PLA prototyped parts. As the numbers show, customers who take advantage of this sale will save more than 50% on average.

We weren’t kidding when we said this sale is massive.

  Item   Voodoo Sale Price   Other Vendor Avg. Price   Voodoo Sale Savings
  Fidget Spinner   $5.22   $9.92   47%
  Gear Bearing   $7.01   $20.42   66%
  Raspberry Pi Case   $8.70   $20.42   58%
  Cellular Lamp   $18.12   $79.02   77%
  Stepper Motor Bracket   $8.70   $20.69   58%
  White House   $15.16   $74.68   80%

Leading 3D printing service pricing comparison.

*Raw data can be downloaded here.

Sun’s Out, Print Now

We hope you’re as excited about this Summer Sale as we are, and we can’t wait to see all the amazing projects come through our factory this month. The only question left to ask is: what are you going to do with all the money you’ll save in August?

We’ll wrap this post up with some suggestions:

  • Double your order (duh)
  • Buy ice cream cones for all of your friends
  • Take a 3D design class
  • Take a robotics class
  • Donate it to your favorite charity
  • Take a day trip to the beach!

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