WE ARE ALL IMMIGRANTS: Taking a Stand Against the Recent Immigration Ban

February 3rd, 2017 by

We Are All Immigrants

It goes without saying that there’s a lot going on within our country right now. Regardless of political belief, most of us can agree that the issues at hand are important and will significantly impact the lives of many.

Although some companies avoid taking stances on hot button social and political issues, many have recently started to speak up about what they believe in and take action. As a team, Voodoo Manufacturing believes that it is our duty as citizens of the United States, and as human beings, to do what we can to make the world a better place for everyone. While it’s possible to disagree about what that means and how to do it, hopefully it’s easy to agree on a few fundamental ideas, with the core being that all people are created equal and should have equal opportunity to live free and happy.

We Are All Immigrants

With respect to the recent ban on immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries, we believe this is in direct opposition to the values this country was built on. Furthermore, we believe that diversity should be sought, not feared, and that although we are fully supportive of taking proper measures to protect ourselves, this is not the way. Personally, I have tried and failed to imagine a world in which we look back at this and feel that we were on the right side of history. We cannot stand by as this happens.

Over the past few days my co-founders and I have spent a lot of time thinking about what we can do to show our support for those affected by the ban. When thinking about what Voodoo can uniquely do that others cannot, it dawned on us — make custom keychains! And so, over the past day our team came up with the idea to launch a website where we will let anyone customize and purchase a keychain that will read “I come from (fill in the blank) “. The goal of this is not to promote ourselves or to make money, but rather to do what we can with the limited time and resources we have available as an early-stage startup. To further support our beliefs, any proceeds not directly used for keychain production and shipping will be donated to the ACLU. The underlying purpose of this campaign will be to bring to light, and literally make visible, the fact that most of us living in the United States today have families that came from somewhere other than here. We are all immigrants. This is a campaign meant to remind us of that fact.

I come from (click here)

I speak for all of Voodoo when I say that we’re excited at the opportunity to take a stand for something fundamental and important, and hopefully make an impact on people’s opinions and lives. We hope you feel same way and take a moment to support the cause by ordering yourself a keychain.

Please stand with us and oppose the immigration ban by sharing this page and buying a keychain. #WeAreAllImmigrants

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