Promotional Products in Vegas: The 2017 PPAI Expo

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PPAI 2017 Recap

Pulling Up to PPAI

When we heard that the annual Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) Expo was “the Super Bowl of the promotional products world,” we knew we had to go and see for ourselves. (Yours truly was also curious if this, like the Super Bowl, would also involve some sort of Halftime Show.)

Held at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip, the 2017 PPAI Expo spanned January 8th through the 12th, with the last three days reserved for vendors to exhibit their products and services. Given that a considerable amount of the work we do here at Voodoo spans the realms of marketing, advertising, and promotions, we had a good feeling that there would be demand for completely custom 3D printed promotional items — and we were right.

Here’s a glimpse at our first time attending the 2017 PPAI Expo.

“You weren’t here last year, were you?”

As an 20-month old company, first time experiences tend to be commonplace. As first time exhibitors, we were fortunate to be welcomed with open arms by everyone at the Expo, both vendors and attendees alike. One of the most frequent questions we heard throughout the Expo was, “You guys weren’t here last year, were you?” We felt kind of like the new kid in town, and had a great time introducing Voodoo and 3D printing to everyone who stopped by our booth.

Here are some of the common topics that popped up during our conversations about Voodoo:

  • Attendees were excited by the idea of 3D printing promotional products, and were surprised that we could deliver up to 10,000 units in under 3 weeks (reminder: we can!)
  • Many people were interested in creating custom keychains or custom trophies for their clients, but they also had a wide range of ideas for some really incredible-sounding projects
  • A lot of people were surprised by how cost-effective 3D printing can be when compared to traditional manufacturing methods, such as injection molding
  • Distributors liked that we don’t require any order minimums, and that there are no setup fees involved
  • Hearing that we’re based in the U.S. (Brooklyn, specifically) and that we use green materials to produce our products was music to many attendees’ ears

As the new kids on the scene, we were eager to show off what we had to offer the distributors attending PPAI. To get our name in front of as many eyeballs as possible, we showcased a few of our products in the Product Pavilion. It doesn’t get much better than Pikachu directing attendees to your booth, does it?

PPAI 3d printed promotional products

Voodoo as a Solution Provider

One of the major takeaways from the Expo was that Voodoo is especially equipped to provide a service — or better yet, a solution — for situations that require entirely customized promotional items. Replica of a stadium? Sure! Gold-covered skull? No problem. Molecular model for pharmaceutical sales reps? We’ve got it covered.

Some of the most fulfilling conversations we had were with attendees who would say, “I’ve been looking for a way to make this project happen!” and knowing that, indeed, we could bring the idea to life.

Until Next Year

Overall, the 2017 PPAI Expo was an incredible crash course in the world of promotional products. We had a great time, learned a lot, and made some new friends (hey Tracy, Nick, and Catherine!). Most of all, we look forward to working with all the great distributors we met at the Expo and can’t wait to see the amazing projects we help them bring to life in 2017.

Scroll down to see more photos from the 2017 PPAI Expo.


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PPAI 2017 Las Vegas

PPAI 2017 Las Vegas

PPAI 2017 Las Vegas

PPAI 2017 Las Vegas

PPAI 2017 Las Vegas

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